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The Open Spaces and Site Elements hierarchy contains terms for open spaces that are relatively coherent areas created and modified by many of the same concepts and processes that shape buildings and other structures (e.g.g., "gardens", "plazas"), as well as descriptors for discrete manufactured or manipulated features found in or around open spaces, other cultural landscapes, or natural landscapes (e.g.g., "flagpoles", "windbreaks"). Relation to Other Hierarchies: In the Components hierarchy are found terms for the structural systems and individual building parts (e.g.g., "balloon frames", "garage doors") that make up single built works as well as descriptors for rooms, spaces, and other large building subdivisions (e.g., "kitchens"), and descriptors for the infrastructural system components found throughout the landscape (e.g.g., "water mains", "overpasses"). Terms for the human-produced features of open spaces and cultural landscapes (e.g.g., "lawns", "berms") are found here, while descriptors for types of natural landscape features and their components (e.g.g., "cliffs", "rivers") are found in the Settlements and Landscapes hierarchy.
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